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 FIRE OFFICER LEADERSHIP 101 - Developing Today's Officer

FETC recently delivered our 20-hour Leadership-101 Program, hosted in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. FETC lined up 100+ years fire service experience to pay it forward to the region.  Please take a few moments to read what some of the recent attendees are saying about our Fire Officer Development Program.

  • What a great line-up of instructors FETC Services put together for the Fire Officer Leadership-101 Program. Often, personal stories can be off-course and boring, but theirs were all pertinent to the subject and very interesting. Plenty to learn for everyone from the new guy to the veteran fire officer. Deputy Chief Joe Sangermano - Dublin Fire Department
  • It is not everyday that you are able to have excellent instructors share their past experiences to keep us both safe and out of trouble.  We sometimes lose focus on why we are in the fire service and that is to keep our firefighters safe, trained, ready to respond and provide the highest level of service to our  community.  Assistant Chief Jeff Libbey - City of Lebanon Fire Department
  • I believe this was a real eye opener for all who attended. Leadership 101 showed the lower ranks what roles and responsibilities Chief Fire Officer's have in today's world. The line-up demonstrated that the good old days are gone and when something goes wrong its simply too late. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Munroe and his leading by example session as I truly believe that respect should be earned by fire officers. This program and its content produces the foundation in which one can learn what makes different people tick and how to use their personalities to get the job done! The examples of different leaders and how their leadership techniques was an eye opener, it showed me the type of leader I want to be. Once again Bill did and excellent job with keeping all the classes exciting and delivering an excellent overall presentation. Assistant Chief Keith Dupuis - Jaffrey Fire Department
  • I thought that this class would be slow and dry. Bill's willingness to use multiple instructors each and everyone well versed, willing to share freely of their own individual experiences made this class fly by. I will definately be a more confident fire officer from taking this class. Lieutenant Dave Kemp - Jaffrey Fire Department

Past FETC Testimonials
  • The 25 full-time members of the Lebanon Fire Department were apprehensive about attending a "mandatory" ARFF certification course which would further expand their duties which already include fire suppression, rescue, and transporting EMS. The FETC staff instructors were energetic and related the new material to the "stuff" the guys already knew which made the experience far more meaningful.  We walked away feeling the training program was comprehensive and one that was designed to fit the needs of our airport and firefighters, with the bonus of a convenient schedule. - Captain Andy White; President L-3197
  • I attended "Managing the Mayday" at the Meadowood Area County Fire School in Fitzwilliam, NH. I would like to recommend this class to all of the smaller communities that rely heavily on a mutual aid response to fulfill the operational safety net of RIT. The instructor was worth every penny, using recent case studies, a state-of-art simulation program and real world statistics. He was very  experienced in the limitations that many of us encounter daily and deliver answers to what many of us have. His "outside the box" viewpoint towards Mutual Aid and CRM is definately NOT just a big-city class on how RIT should be done.  Hope to see you again. Tim - RVFD
  •  I recently attended the "MAYDAY" Management seminar hosted in Erma, New Jersey.  I have been involved with R.I.T. / R.I.C. / F.A.S.T for over 10 years now as a student, instructor and author of some MAYDAY S.O.G.'s. I took from Mr. Greenwood's presentation a new respect of MAYDAY management.  The audio/visual presentations sent the message home.  With this new information, I feel confident to take our drills and operations to the next step.  Time well spent, thanks again. Dale Gentek;  E.V.F.C.   Captain, Wildwood, NJ. Fire Department and NJTF-1 Resq-5.
  • Mr. Greenwood, did a great job delivering the "MAYDAY" Management seminar. I have been actively training with a few good friends for over 10 plus years, we have always focused on the actual "hands-on" training. This class will help us focus on front loading our response along with the command aspect. Very  good selection of videos and audio to bring everything together. I highly recommend this class to everyone. Captain Arthur Hayden - Erma, NJ. Volunteer Fire Department